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Tomorrowbound in the time of corona

We create change, progress, and growth by looking beyond today’s standards of marketing and helping our customers stay ahead of the game. Operating in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany we explore the horizon to navigate you safely towards prosperity.

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Marketing in the Time of Corona

The lockdown changes the way we consume video - live video is the third most popular social media tactic now (infographic)

Marketing in the Time of Corona

Burger King shows the way to do pandemic related marketing with a smile: the iconic Whopper is now a socially distancing one

Marketing in the Time of Corona

British Heart Foundation manages to stay relevant and boost donations by adapting the marketing strategy and launching emotional ad campaign

Preparing for the Next Normal

45% of consumers replied that they are making more sustainable choices when shopping and will likely continue to do so

Preparing for the Next Normal

Viewpoints on how Covid-19 will change the world

Corona number

55% of Finns have little or no concern about losing their jobs or livelihoods due to the coronavirus epidemic

(*inquired during week 17)


Tomorrowbound heroes

Preparing for the Next Normal

McKinsey lists seven elements for business leaders to consider as planning for the next normal

Preparing for the Next Normal

YouGov UK research: Men and young people feel most comfortable about visiting reopening businesses

Corona number

71% of people agree that if they perceive that a brand is putting profit over people, they will lose trust in that brand forever

Corona number

83% of people want compassionate connection, including brand messaging that communicates empathy and support with the struggles they face



Simple tips

Twitter tips on how to connect with the audiences during the coronavirus crisis: inform, connect, entertain and help

Marketing in the time of corona

The fake campaign threatens to spoil Netflix shows for those who don’t stay home

Social phenomenon

YouTube has identified five types of video content that audiences have gravitated toward during the past few weeks.

Simple tips

Adweek lists three characteristics that help brands shine during the crisis: authenticity, agility, ingenuity

Q&A: business as usual?

To say the least, our everyday life is different than it was just a few weeks ago. We sure have wondered over things that did not seem to even be a question only a month ago.

Questions you might need an answer to

When others are toning down, now’s the time to shine. Are your resources tied to internal communication or on current corona matters? We are here to help. We offer a wide range of services. Please, see below.

Are you uncertain of the changing behaviour of your customers?

We offer insight and customer persona research to guide you in your decision making.

Tactical decisions or strategic decisions?

We are your go to person. We offer consulting on quick reactions in short term solutions and in long term decisions building value for a tomorrow when it is hard to decipher the future.

What are the values your organizational culture is built on?

Now is the time to let them guide your brand and people. All businesses have them, but if you have not spelled them out, we are here to help.

Which channels should we choose now that out of home is out of question?

Digital is hot now, we will help you choose the best channels for your target groups, create concepts, produce materials, book the channels, execute and report to you.

Our brand is not up to date but is now the time?

Yes, now is the best time to focus on making sure your foundation is solid. Then when the crisis is over, you can go full speed ahead. We offer services for brand strategy and execution. See some of the brands we’ve worked with here.

We need to launch a new product, how can we do it under the current circumstances?

Of course, we can help you figure out the how, when and where.

How do you as a leader talk to employees? How do you handle crisis communication?

We offer consulting and training, strategy and help. Just ask us.

Short term services

How can we help quickly to increase your cashflow?

  • Quick start for social media marketing
  • Quick start for digital marketing
  • Shopify webshop in a week

How can we help with crisis communication?

  • Crisis management and communication plans
  • Crisis management content production
  • Communication training
  • Webinars as as service

How can we help to promote new services or changes on delivery methods for example?

  • Creative concepts and marketing campaigns
  • Quick start for social media marketing
  • Quick start for digital marketing
To say the least, our everyday life is different than it was just a few weeks ago. We sure have wondered over things that did not seem to even be a question only a month ago.

Long term services

This is what we can offer now to create digital ecosystems for your business

  • Websites (WordPress and HubSpot)
  • Online store (WooCommerce, Shopify)
  • Learning management system (WordPress & LearnDash platform)
  • Marketing automation (HubSpot)
  • Sales enablement (HubSpot)
  • CRM (HubSpot)
  • Dashboards 

This is how we can help to create clarity to decision making

  • Insight services
  • Desk research

This is how we can strengthen your business

  • Brand strategy 
  • Marketing and communication strategy
  • Marketing automation 
  • Sales enablement
  • CX vision and development
  • Inbound marketing operations as a service
  • Content marketing operations as a service
  • Growth Hacking as a service
  • PR services
  • IR services
  • Online market research campaign
  • Creative campaign design
  • Brand identity & marketing materials
  • Media agency services 
  • Outsourcing services for marketing and communication  


How do you get people working from home excited, motivated and inspired?

Business as usual @homeoffice

Remote work does not equal to working alone. We at Avidly start every day with a Hangout-meeting with cameras on. We talk about projects going on, table hacks (put a chair on your table and you can stand while working), how to entertain your kids, or what cool articles we’ve read. While working remotely, it is vital to have face-to-face contact. Social distancing should only be physical. Try it out!

Need tips on getting your  working mood (and mode) on? Some of us use our commuting time to do yoga or go for a run, others choose to start the day with a new outfit or put their favorite lipstick on - choose what’s best for you and share your experience with your team.

And hey, it’s okay to have  breaks at home, step outside for a coffee and don’t forget to have lunch! Now many of us can eat lunch with family or online with friends, colleagues or customers.



Learn something new everyday

Tomorrow cannot be created with what we knew yesterday. Use remote work time also for developing your skills – we provide every weekly online webinars and offer lots of material such as blog posts and downloadable guides.


Keep the small ones busy

When kids are not at school, how can you focus and get your job done? 

We created an activity book for kids of different ages. Feel free to download and print ours (currently only in Finnish). We can also create one for your brand, please contact Maria Flemmich 



Download the activity book

Now, if ever, is the time to share joy.

Safety. Solution-Orientation. Reliability. All are important themes for a brand. But an even more significant one is the brand's role in sharing joy. Our world needs it.

Every brand should reflect in its tone of voice and the way it communicates at this very moment. Does a brand's voice gain an additional tone during these challenging times? How will the brand speak, behave, and delight naturally, while also serving its overall solution? This is one of the many topics we are happy to help you with.

How is your brand seizing the moment?

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